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Your questions:

1. Disulfiram
2. Naltrexone (Revia)
3. About the use of Subutex (Buprenorfin)

Disulfiram (Antabus, Radoter, Teturam, Esperal, etc.)

Specific anti-alcoholic medicament. Disulfiram implant under the skin evokes intolerance to alcohol. Due to the impact disulfiram emerges aversion for alcohol. Interaction of disulfiram and alcohol causes so called “acetaldehydes syndrome”. Organism of the patient aggregates acetaldehydes, which cause a toxic reaction of the organism, severely unpleasant feelings and forces to abstain from alcohol consumption.

Naltrexone(Revia, Nalorex, Trexan, etc.)

Naltrexone is complete m opioid antagonist (it blocks opioid receptors). It is used for the treatment of drug addiction, alcohol dependence and some other diseases. It is used in different forms: pills, solutions, implants. For the treatment of drug addiction a naltrexone dose of 50 mg a day (or 350 mg per week) is prescribed. Medication can be prescribed for short and long term courses (ranging from 6 months to several years). It is non-addictive medication. Use of naltrexone blocks the euphoric effect of the drugs and (or) promptly evokes abstinence symptoms. Effect of abstinence is increased if consumption of naltrexone is controlled by the relatives of the patient.

Buprenorphine (Subutex)

Aušros Vartai hospital prescribes this medication only as supplementary healing medication for treatment in the inpatient unit. Treatment of opiate detoxication by buprenorphine allows to avoid heavy withdrawal symptoms or to reduce these symptoms to minimum.

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